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One of only a handful of bassists cutting any new or worthwhile ground in modern jazz. Clovis Nicolas joins the ranks of those innovative and inspired artists that keep one foot in the past but both eyes on the future.
Brent Black – Jazz Journalist

I have worked with the most famous and in-demand musicians in New York City, and Clovis ranks among the finest. He has attained great technical proficiency on his instrument as well as a deep understanding of the history and details of his art.
Michael Kanan – Pianist

You will hear, from Mr. Nicolas, well thought out bass lines that spur the band in the direction that he wants them to go… A very, very good bass sound.
Ron Carter – Bassist, Band leader and Composer

Awards & features

About the album “Freedom Suite Ensuite”

An elegantly composed and richly rendered suite that is both timely and timeless. Clovis Nicolas gives us the soundtrack for our times, enriching the world with his fierce creative spirit and coherent vision for freedom. Freedom Suite Ensuite is a heart-pounding, incandescent triumph to liberty not just in music but in all its forms. On these thirteen tracks, you’ll hear jazz musicians of the highest order sparkling with colorful melodies and soaring solos.
Kabir Sehgal

Multi-Grammy Award winner, New York Times bestselling author

Here is the universe that Clovis Nicolas chose to explore in this chord-less setting, his upright bass being at the core of the orchestra. By picking not one, but two horn players, he is not tempted to imitate the Rollins-ian trio formula, but he preserves its spirit, and the result is impressive [..] We already knew that Clovis Nicolas was one of the best bass players of his generation, now we discover a new side to his talent. At a time of useless or recurring hommages and tributes, here is one that is as rare as it is meaningful.

(+ Feature in Jazz Magazine Editorial’s Playlist)

Jazz Magazine

JAZZ MAGAZINE – Philippe Vincent (5 stars review, aka “CHOC”)

“We never really doubted it, but Clovis Nicolas’ experience and musical intelligence didn’t fail to transcend the ever challenging exercise of interpreting such a strong and unique classic masterpiece as Sonny Rollins’ Freedom Suite. To do it in a chord-less format goes without saying. But to extend it into a quartet with trumpet, while including his own originals, was less obvious and far more risky [..] The New York bassist’s fresh look beautifully illustrates how to play free within a form. A form that the whole album pays tribute to, while being more than just that. Which is even harder. Splendid.”

Bruno Guermonprez


about the album “NINE STORIES”

A formidable walker with a big, resonant tone, Nicolas also distinguishes himself as a first-rate composer on this persuasive outing [..] Clovis’ impressive first as a leader – brimming with fresh energy and outstanding arrangements – definitely marks him as a talent deserving of wider recognition.

Selected in “Best Albums 2014” (see here)

Bill Milkowski

DOWNBEAT – (4 stars)

An immensely appealing date with a tight, swinging sextet of up-and-coming players [..] I hear a leader whose perceptive playing is part of the overall sound of the band rather than a cat overemphasizing his bass above everyone else in the mix. That discipline is Nicolas’ strong suit and his arrangements reveal a thoughtful musician at ease with mixing classic jazz sound with modern contours.

An album that properly introduces Clovis as a powerful new voice on bass.

Nick Bewsey


We are here in a predominantly bop world, a universe which complexity is quite clearly the ideal environment for Nicolas’ temperament, whom as a bassist has a nice full sound and never neglects the swing feel, and as a composer does not lack imagination, as showcased in such unpredictable melodies as Juggling and Mothers And Fathers.
MUSICA JAZZ – ITALY – Piacentino



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